SIHIdetect Remote diagnosis

For remote online condition monitoring, we developed the SIHIdetect iCMS (intelligent condition monitoring system) service agreement, i.e. the machine to be monitored is equipped with SIHIdetect and the data transfer box on site. The measured data are transferred to the SIHI data server via the GSM modem and then saved and analyzed by a Special software. If there are any deviations from the permissible vibration boundary values, an e-mail containing additional information about the warning or failure message is automatically sent to the customer (operation manager, distributed control system, maintenance, etc.). In the case of a failure message, our vibration experts will develop a detailed analysis of the trend data, through which potential process optimizations can be introduced.




SIHIdetect iCMS service agreement

+ Two years contract
+ Purchase or rental of hardware (sensor and data transfer box)
+ Simple installation on site
+ 24/7 online condition monitoring (1,000,000 measurements per year)
+ Warning and failure messages are sent via e-mail (condition report with measurement protocol)
+ Condition reports are sent via e-mail every three months
+ Detailed analysis (in the case of failure) by our specialists
+ Customer log-in on SIHI data server