SIHIdetect LED display

The basic component of each SIHIdetect online condition Monitoring system is the sensor that is attached to the machine being monitored and provided with a power supply of between 11 and 30 V DC. This power is supplied via the existing electrical connection box that already supply other installed sensors (temperature, pressure, etc.).




Only the SIHIdetect sensor is required for a visual on-site display of operating conditions. The condition of each machine is shown by the LEDs on the sensor (green, yellow, red).




Technical data for SIHIdetect

+ Vibration velocity values (veff 10 Hz – 1 kHz; 0 – 20 mm/s) in accordance with DIN/ISO 10816, 5199, 9905
+ Condition monitoring at up to 5.6 kHz (normal/unacceptable operating condition)
+ 4 – 20 mA HART® current Loop
+ Installation up to 160 °C surface temperature through cooling Units
+ LED display green, yellow and red
+ Integrated error Memory
+ Simple installation on pump
+ No experience with vibration-measuring technology required
+ Installation in hazardous areas (up to zone 1)