SIHIdetect Distributed control system

The 4 – 20 mA current interface is used for transferring the SIHIdetect data for the integration of online condition monitoring in existing control or process control technology. This data can, of course, also be transferred via wireless Technology.

If the transferred data is also to be recorded for subsequent evaluation, the SIHIdataUSB trend data memory is also installed. Using SIHIvibrosoft software, the error memory can be read and a professional trend data analysis carried out.




SIHIdataUSB and SIHIvibrosoft



SIHIdataUSB trend data memory

+ Vibration data for process adjustment
+ Long-term data storage
+ Direct USB communication
+ Evaluate trend data quickly
+ Simple power supply


SIHIvibrosoft Software

+ Condition monitoring
+ Configuration
+ Error memory
+ Data analysis