Product Information ULN

SIHI Volute casing pump type ULN

Pumps of the series ULN are horizontal, self-priming, single-stage volume casing pumps with dimensions and nominal outputs according to EN 733 / DIN 24255 in back pull out construction. The back pull out construction allows the demounting of the complete bearing unit towards the drive side so that it is not necessary to detach the pump casing out of the piping. On applying a coupling with dismounting piece it will be superfluous to detach the motor.



The self-priming volute casing pumps according to DIN 24255 of the series ULN are applied when it is necessary to suck in and to handle without problems and automatically, pure resp. turbid not aggressive liquids which do not contain any solids. So they are suitable for drinking water supply for communities, general water supply in agriculture, business and industry, irrigation and drainage, sprinkling, pumping of condensate, charge and discharge of fuels and oils.


Technical Data:

Flow rate: up to 300 m³/h

Head: up to 95 m

Suction head: max. 5 m (cooled water)

Speed: max. 3,000 rpm

Temperature: max. 120 °C

Casing pressure: up to 16/10 bar

Shaft seals: mechanical seal

Materials: grey cast iron, bronze