Product Information TKH

SIHI Centrifugal pump type TKH

Horizontal, self-priming and segmental type centrifugal pumps with shrouded impellers and a priming stage arranged on the suction side. The priming stage runs in parallel with the first liquid stage and operates acc. to the mixed media separation principle during the priming phase and in case of big gas portions. As result of the separation of the gas before entering the first impeller this is largely admitted with liquid. Finely divided gas portions can be handled without problems. If during the priming cycle, the counter pressure on the discharge side is below 0.5 bar, the pumped-away gas is discharged into the delivery pipeline. If the counter pressure is higher than 0.5 bar, then a separate gas discharging device is required.



The self-priming centrifugal pump of series TKH is used, when clear or turbid liquids, free from solid particles, are to be handled reliably and trouble-free. Because of their self-priming capability and owing to the multitude of material combinations, the pumps cover a wide range of applications in such fields as the supply of drinking and utility water (for greater communities and large industrial plants), the handling of fuel (in decanting stations and large tank plants), the construction of fire-extinguishing equipment, the construction of cooling plants, shipbuilding (ballast and stripping pumps), the chemical industry and the petrochemical industry.


Technical Data:

Flow rate: up to 350 m³/h

Head: up to 185 m

Speed: max. 3,600 rpm

Temperature: max. 120 °C

Casing pressure: up to 16 bar

Shaft seals: gland packing, mechanical seal

Materials: grey cast iron, bronze, stainless steel