SIHIdataUSB Trend data memory for SIHIdetect

SIHIdataUSB trend data memory is the ideal solution to store the vibration data, which were taken by the SIHIdetect sensor, and serves as a uncomplicated communication interface for the vibration analysis. Independent from installation (stand alone or DCS integrated), condition data can be logged to a USB flash drive for a period of up to 3 years at permanent measurement.

These condition data can be analyzed professionally by use of the SIHIvibrosoft software, the current condition of the machine can be evaluated and hence, further actions can be initiated at an early stage.


Vibration data in correlation to the production process
Online trend data analysis at exact timed (Date, Time) condition monitoring in order to reduce life cycle cost, increase plant availability as well as process optimisation.


Long-term data memory
By use of the flash drive the condition data can be logged for up to 1000 days at continuous data storage. When adapting the saving interval (f.e. one storage every 3 min) the available trend data history is enlarged to the entire lifetime of the machine.


Direct USB communication
Using the standard USB interface a PC or Laptop is in direct communication with the SIHIdataUSB Logger.
Using the SIHIvibrosoft Software the SIHIdetect Sensor is configured and a professional data analysis can be done.


Trend data fast assessed
A USB flash drive is used as memory, on which the condition data are saved and simply can be moved to other systems. Using the SIHIvibrosoft Data Viewer the data can be easily analysed.


Simple power supply
Alternatively to the industrial 24 VDC power supply the SIHIdataUSB can optional be powered by the USB interface (USB Micro, USB-B) and so f.e. all standard USB power supply units can be used. The power supply of the SIHIdetect sensor comes directly from the SIHIdataUSB.