Condition monitoring of pumps

Condition-based maintenance now becomes reality!


The SIHIdetect sensor is the ideal solution for vibration velocity measuring and for pump condition monitoring for example to detect bearing wear, unbalance, misalignment, unacceptable pipeline forces, cavitation, exceeding of max flow rate, etc.
The SIHIdetect sensor is suitable for all kinds of liquid and vacuum pumps.


- Simple to connect
- Universal use
- Visual check via LED display
- Easy Installation
- Also available as non Ex version


Learn more about SIHIdetect and Condition Monitoring


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You will find the main benefits of online condition monitoring with the SIHIdetect sensor. Furthermore from simple installation to practical examples of detecting misalignment, cavitation, bearing wear and unbalance is included.


- Output of vibration velocity (RMS 10Hz–1kHz, 0 - 20 mm/s) according DIN/ISO 10816, 5199, 9905
- Condition monitoring up to 5.6 kHz (normal / unacceptable operation mode)
- 4 ... 20 mA interface
- Installation up to 160 °C surface temperature by use of cooling elements
- LED display green, yellow and red
- Digital communication through FSK* modem (HART® compatible) for further information and for use of the
  SIHIvibrosoft Software**
- EDD for Siemens SIMATIC PDM and Emerson AMS**
- DTM driver for FDT frame applications (PACTware, FieldCare, SMART VISION, etc.)**
- Integrated error memory
- Simple mounting at the pump
- Requires no experience of vibration analysis technology
- Suitable for installation in hazardous areas (up to zone 1)


* FSK Frequency Shift Keying                    ** Optional extra


Technical data:

- Construction:                                  Polyamide PA6, fibre - glass reinforced, protection class  IP66 (EN 60529)
- Connection:2 x 2.5 mm² terminal block
- Dimension:79 mm x 42 mm x 53 mm
- Ambiente temperature:- 40 °C to + 80 °C
- Power loop:4 ... 20 mA; 11 ... 30 VDC
- Ex protection type (potional):Ex II 2G Ex ia IIC T4 - TÜV 07 ATEX 553845


Simple installation:

- Simple installation at the
  bearing bracket or volute casing.
  Sensor can also be bonded using
  a glue adapter.
- Electrical connection
- Simple calibration by pushing



RMS vibration velocity
- unbalance
- misalignment
- detrimental pipe work forces
- etc.


Condition monitoring
- unacceptable operation mode for
  example cavitation, bearing wear,
  exceeding of max flow rate, etc.


SIHIvibrosoft software:
Available as an optional extra, SIHIvibrosoft software has been developed purposely for professional analysis of the data, which has been generated by the SIHIdetect sensor. Detailed evaluation of the data can subsequently be made in order to reveal very specific aspects of vibration.


Condition monitoring
- visualisation of vibration data
- frequency-specific, and/or general, threshold
  magnitudes based on calibration data
- data logging

- extracting the error memory
- sensor temperature

Data analysis
- evaluation data logging
- trend analysis for wear
- analysis of intermittent anomalies