Supplier – guideline for transmitting test certificates

Transmitting of test certificates  via e-mail according to DIN EN 10204
Our suppliers don’t need any authorisation to transmit test certificates to Sterling SIHI. You just have to send an e-mail with the digital test certificate and our ERP-System will retain the information.

Follow this guideline for a successful transmission:

1. Number: Send one e-mail per test certificate
2.Form:The test certificate has to be attached to this e-mail
3.File format:The test certificate has to be in the file format „.pdf“ (Portable Document Format)
4.Document name:

The automatic filing of the test certificate is based on the specific data in the file name. This data has to be in the following order and has to be separated by an underscore ( _ ):
a) purchase order number of Sterling SIHI
b) item number in the purchase order
c) supplier number at Sterling SIHI
d) material number of Sterling SIHI
e) Heat number (in case of 2.1 or 2.2 test certificates insert here 2.1
    certificate or. 2.2 certificate)

5.E-Mail address:send the e-mail with the .pdf to the following address:



Please contact us in the quality management department in case of further questions or problems with the transmission of the test certificates:

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