New factory for SIHI side channel pumps opened


Our president, Mr. Erich Mohrdieck, has inaugurated our new factory


Our president, Mr. Erich Mohrdieck, has inaugurated our new factory in Trappes (France). The press and the representative of the local authorities were also presents to this event.
This new industrial site becomes the biggest manufacturing plant of side channel pumps in the world.The process has been reviewed in its total concept in order to introduce lean philosophy at all steps of the manufacturing (e.g. Kanban, 5S, one piece flow).


Extended on 4,300 m², the French manufacturing plant is dedicated to the assembly of about 10,000 side channel pumps each year. This change is a part of the future vision of SIHI Group that is always improving its leadership in the pump world.
The side channel pumps technology developed by Mr. Siemen and Mr. Hinsch (SIHI) in the early 1920's has crossed over the generations and is hold in the competence centre located in Trappes.


All over the years, the improvement of the manufacturing processes has allowed us to develop products with high quality level and brings the SIHI group on the top of the side channel pump manufacturer.
Every year, SIHI's side channel team is providing with solutions for a large range of applications worldwide like CO2 transfer, condensates, Organic Ranking Cycle. The experts from the team are involved from the pump selection to the recommendation on the installation in order to operate the pump in the state of the art and avoid any issue during the life cycle of the pump. Focusing on this goal, we provide advanced training for internal department and organize, on demand, seminars dedicated to customer needs (maintenance and installation, pumping technology). A good understanding of the applications is giving to the customers the best solution to their needs.


The applications that require the use of side channel pumps are typically:
- Liquid under vapour pressure equilibrium
- Installation that requires a very low NPSH
- Installation that requires self priming capabilities
- Pumping of two phases liquid or mixtures of gas and liquid


These needs are generally present in:
- LPG (and DME) applications
- CO2 (and refrigerant) applications
- Distillation column and condensate recovery
- Dissolved air floatation unit
- Organic Ranking (and Kalina) Cycle


Either in terms of production capabilities or in terms of customer satisfactions, SIHI's side channel team is pushing the boundaries and provides its customer with the best quality product on the market.