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Engineered vacum systems
SIHI Engineered vacum systems

Flowserve SIHI provides a wide range of process solutions for vacuum applications. In order to satisfy its customers’ process needs and requirements, Flowserve supplies a diverse range of vacuum packages from standard compact units to complex purpose built systems with integrated instrumentation and PLC control panels.


Performance range:

Suction volume flow: up to 100,000 m³/h

Suction pressure: < 0.001 up to 1013 mbar


Typical vacuum generation packages include:

- Liquid ring vacuum pumps

- Mechanical boosters

- Gas ejectors

- Steam ejectors


In order to optimise a vacuum system and to reduce the amount of external involvement the vacuum units can include:

- Pre condensers

- Post condensers

- Heat exchangers

- Scrubber systems

- Separators


Typical applications for all types of gases and vapours:

- Vacuum distillation

- Extruder degassing

- Vacuum drying


The packaged systems are supplied on a baseframe to provide easy integration into the customer’s overall process and facility.