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SIHI Engineered compressor systems

In addition to the vacuum systems offered, Flowserve SIHI supplies a wide range of liquid ring compressor systems, in order to satisfy its customers’ process needs and requirements. Flowserve supplies a diverse range of compressor packages from standard compact units to complex purpose-built systems with integrated instrumentation and PLC control panels.


Performance range:

Suction volume flow: up to 10,000 m³/h

Compression pressure: up to 11 bar g


The central element of each compressor system is an:
- Liquid ring compressor.


To maximise the efficiency of the compressor system all equipment is built into the package design including:
- Condensers
- Heat exchangers
- Scrubber systems
- Separators


Typical applications:
- Vinyl chloride monomer
- Polypropylene off-gas
- Ozone
- Hydrochloric acid
- Flue gas neutralisation
- Exhaust gas condensation
- Compressed air supply
- Compression of carbonic acid
- Absorption
- Filter drying
- Compression of chlorine gas