Product Information MFS

SIHI Sludge mixer type MFS

Vertical single-stage and two-stage MFS mixers with special screw-type impellers and a deflector disk mounted on the shaft. The draft tube acts either as a suction pipe or as a discharge pipe. The shaft is supported in a combined thrust and guide bearing located in the seating ring. The mixer is driven by an motor or an intermediate gear whose pedestal is mounted on the foundation. The draft tube length can be changed to suit the application. Assembly is made easy by the flanged pipe section design.



The mixers are designed to circulate in egg-shaped, conical cylindrical or cylindrical digesters causing an optimum mixing in both directions and a uniform heating of the sludge. The mixers designed for continuous reversible operation. The ability to circulate sludge in either direction for long periods of time fulfils important process requirements.


Technical Data:

Flow rate: up to 6,200 m³/h

Speed: max. 1500 rpm

Shaft seal: lip seal system

Material: grey cast iron/steel