Online condition monitoring for rotating equipment

Through online condition monitoring, the operator can determine the vibration data and thus the operating condition on an ongoing basis. Failure or wear in monitored machines can be detected at an early stage by increased vibration. If the velocities from recent days or weeks are compared with each other, for example, then the remaining lifetime of the machine can be determined. This enables a sudden total loss or production downtime to be avoided.





Benefits of online condition monitoring


Life cycle costs
+ Minimized  maintenance
   and production downtime
+ Prevention of total losses
Process optimization
+ Production processes
+ Condition-based maintenance
+ Reduced need for spare parts

System safety
+ Minimized risk for people
   and the environment
+ Detection of unacceptable
   operating conditions



SIHIdetect online solutions at a glance


LED displayDistributed control systemRemote diagnosis



Online, safe and cost-efficient ... the SIHIdetect Sensor

The SIHIdetect sensor is the ideal solution for all rotating machines for which online vibration monitoring has not been used up to now due to cost reasons.

This device can be used for all types of machines and is easy to install. The SIHIdetect sensor with “Ex ia” ATEX certification is also optionally available for use in zone 1.

The sensor measures the vibration velocity in accordance with DIN/ISO 10816 in the context of preventive maintenance and the acceleration spectrum up to 5.6 kHz; that said, the acceleration spectrum is divided into frequency bands and unacceptable operating conditions (cavitation etc.) are thus detected.



Detect operating conditions safely
+ Unbalance
+ Maximum flow exceeded
+ Misalignment of pump and drive
+ Mechanical friction of rotating components
+ Pipeline forces
+ Loose mechanical components
+ Bearing wear
+ Magnetic coupling desynchronisation
+ Coupling wear
+ Resonance frequencies
+ Cavitation
+ Fluid noise


Can be used anywhere
+ All rotating machines with a speed > 240 rpm
+ For applications in non-hazardous and hazardous areas
+ Compact and easy to install
+ Power supply 11 – 30 V DC
+ 4 – 20 mA HART® current interface
+ Can be used at up to 160/80°C


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