Flowserve SIHI are finalists in the annual Pump Industry Awards 2016


Flowserve SIHI are finalists in the “Technical Innovation of the Year – Products” category at the annual Pump Industry Awards 2016.

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The Flowserve SIHIBoost 

Dramatically faster evacuation down to deep vacuum levels with less power, smaller footprint, quieter, safer, and cleaner by:
+ Harvesting the Kinetic Energy of heavier rotors which run five-times faster than usual machines.
   Mass inertia is stored during idle periods and then released immediately when demanded.
+ Game-changing hydraulic optimisation allows pump pressure gradients of one-million-to-one while
   in the rough pressure area.  This is unique and would normally need a high number of pressure stages.
+ Mechatronically synchronised, contact-free, moving parts removes the need for oil-centric lubrication
   and associated mess.

Simple operation and long-term reliability are at the centre of all Flowserve SIHI's innovative designs.

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