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Products - Liquid Pumps

For over 80 years we have been a leading manufacturer of innovative technologies for chemical process pumps, industrial standard pumps, heat transfer pumps, side channel pumps, high pressure pumps, sealless pumps, hygienic pumps and sludge mixers.

Chemical Process Pumps SIHI horizontal volute casing pumps according to DIN EN ISO 2858 und EN ISO 5199.
Flow rate: up to 650 m³/h
Head: up to 1,900 m
Industrial Standard Pumps SIHI horizontal volute casing pumps according according to EN 733 and ISO 5199 / EN 25199.
Flow rate: up to 3,500 m³/h
Head: up to 140 m
Heat Transfer Pumps SIHI horizontal and vertical volute casing pumps according hot water and hot oil applications.
Flow rate: up to 1,000 m³/h
Head: up to 95 m
Side Channel Pumps SIHI horizontal, vertical, self-priming and gas handling side channel pumps.
Flow rate: up to 35 m³/h
Head: up to 354 m
High Pressure Pumps SIHI horizontal, multi-stage centrifugal pumps according to ISO 5199 / EN 25199.
Flow rate: up to 450 m³/h
Head: up to 1,600 m
Hygienic Liquid Pumps SIHI horizontal, single-stage volute casing pumps for the beverage industry.
Flow rate: up to 200 m³/h
Head: up to 85 m
Sludge Mixers SIHI vertical, single-stage and two-stage MFS mixers with special screw-type impellers and a deflector disk mounted on the shaft.
Flow rate: up to 6,200 m³/h
Degister volume: up to 20,000 m³





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